Scenic Boat Tours


Rough Waters Alaska offers 2 Jet Boat River Tours.  One down the Copper River and one up the Klutina River to Klutina Lake.

The Copper river tour is a 2 hour trip approximately 8 miles down the Copper River.  The trip starts with a relaxing float through remote country to our tour spot.  While idling down river you almost always see bald eagles and depending on the time of year, you may be lucky enough to catch an eaglet sitting in its nest.  We also have a chance to see Moose, Black Bears,  Grizzly Bears, and maybe even an occasional Caribou or Buffalo.  The vegetation along the river is very dense so big game sightings are not as frequent as eagle sightings.

Once we reach our tour spot, we will tie up along the stairs, get off the boat for a short walk to view native plants and flowers.  We will also view a replica boat the early gold seekers used to try and get back home and talk a little about the history of the area.  Once this is complete all that is left is a fun 25 minute jet boat ride back upriver to our boat spot!

The Klutina Lake tour is about a 3 hour trip and a little more on the adventurous side.  We will zip up the Klutina river through class 3 whitewater to Klutina Lake.  The Klutina river is very swift with lots of rocks, and is actually considered non-navigable by the coast guard.  You will have a chance to see eables, moose, and bear as we travel the river.  The river trip is a treat in itself.

Once we reach the lake, we will travel a short distance into the lake before tying up at the mouth of a popular sockeye spawning creek.  We will get out and walk the creek, if the time of year is right you will be able to view sockeye salmon spawning!

Make sure you bring your camera and a rain coat, even if its sunny.  The weather can change quickly in Alaska.

No matter which tour you choose you will be amazed!