Get ready to embark on one of the most historical, untouched, uninhabited areas of Alaska. Our jet boat tours takes you on an adventure through the Famous Klutina River towards the world-famous Copper River.

Navigating downstream provides the opportunity to look at the breath-taking views and the quest for wildlife. While boating down the copper you will enjoy the view of nature, absent of any buildings, power poles, nor infrastructure…and we will rarely see another boat. Depending on the time of year, you will see anglers on the river banks and several operating fish wheels used by the natives and locals.

Our Boat

Our boat was built with luxury and safety in mind. She was custom Built by the Idaho Boat company in 2007. The boat is 24’ft long it is 9ft wide. It is all aluminum. It has a fully enclosed cab and a custom heater for keeping you comfortable even on the coldest days. Originally Powered with a GM 496 Cubic Inch 400HP Marinized by Kodiak. In 2016 it was repowered with an FNM 300HP turbo Charged diesel. It is coupled to a Hamilton 212 jet drive.

Cruise speed is about 20 knots with a top speed of about 40 Knots. It was built with an extra thick hull and can operate in water depths of less than 6 inches.

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