Captain Todd



My name is Todd and I will be your captain/guide when you come along with us on your alaskan adventure!! Growing up on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State I quickly developed a love for the outdoors.

My first trip to Alaska was in 1997 when I was a deckhand and crane operator on a processing barge that was anchored in Bristol Bay.  That trip was all it took, I was hooked on Alaska and vowed to get back.  It took longer than I wanted but I finally made it back for a vacation with my wife in 2008 and that was my first exposure to the Copper River Basin. We went on a king charter on the Klutina River and I quickly developed a relationship with our guide.  Long story short he called me in the off season to guide for him and here I am!!  I started out as a raft guide before a chance was presented to me to operate a Jet Boat!  I obtained my Coast Guard Six Pack license in the off season and decided to jump “ship” (or raft) and switched companies to come work for Rough Waters Alaska.

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My wife Andrea and I  have two daughters, Kinzee (9) and Jayva (4).  In the off season we reside in Montana where we both work as teachers.  When we are not teaching you will usually find us hunting or fishing and chasing our girls around to their various activities. Once school is out we have our 5th wheel packed and we make the drive to Copper Center for the summer.

Whether in Alaska or Montana, all 4 of us love the outdoors and our girls are becoming quit the little fisherwomen!